Imagine an indoor environment where the variation of outdoor light is always present - a house that has sunlight in every room. Parans has the pleasure of introducing the second generation of the revolutionizing Parans System.

 The Principle
"In the sketch to the left, the simple principle of the Parans System is shown. First, sunlight is collected by Parans Solar Panels outdoors. The sunlight is then brought into the building through the Parans Optical Cables. Indoors, the sunlight flows out through Parans Luminaires. This technology is called Fiber Optic Solar Lighting.

Parans Solar Panel
The Parans Solar Panel can be mounted on roofs or facades and employs an array of optical lenses to collect and concentrate incoming sunlight. It is easily installed and integrable with buildings' surfaces to allow for architectural integrity.

Parans Optical Cable
The Parans Optical Cable is made of several thin fiber optic strands. The cable is thin and flexible. Thanks to the high light transmission, sunlight can efficiently reach many locations far into buildings.

Parans Luminaires
In the chosen rooms, the sunlight is emitted through a Parans Luminaire, specifically designed to recreate the feeling of sunlight. A line of luminaires is available to match the outline, purpose and aesthetic of the specific room that is illuminated with the healthy sunlight.